Marathon Road Closures – Sunday, April 1, 2012

*CLINCH AVE—from Henley St to 11th st. Road closed signs and barricades both ends.

*CLINCH AVE—close @ start of race from 11th St. – 16th St. (use police and volunteers)

*16th St—close @ start from Clinch to Cumberland (use police and volunteers)

*VOLUNTEER BLVD EAST—cones down double yellow line from Cumberland Ave to grass median @ Andy Holt ( runners will be using the east bound lanes)

*VOLUNTEER BLVD EAST @ Joe Johnson .—Road closure for east bound lanes, marathon and 5k will be using.

*LAKE LOUDON BLVD—Cones down the double yellow from Chamique Holdsclaw to Neyland. ( runners will be using both south bound lanes.

* CUMBERLAND AV—Right east bound lane coned from Volunteer Blvd East / Sixteenth St to Estabrook for runners to utilize in the 5K.

*NEYLAND DR—cones spaced out along double yellow line from Kingston Pike to RR bridge where Neyland Dr splits (runners will run in the East Bound lanes) Police will block ramps from 129. Police will block Neyland Drive in the East Bound Lanes From Kingston Pk.

*KINGSTON PK—-cones are needed from Neyland to Cherokee Blvd/ West bound lanes will be split for 2-way traffic and East bound lanes are for the runners.

runners have ALL E/B lanes of Kingston Pike

runners have ALL S/B lanes of Cherokee Blvd

*BLOWS FERRY—right lane or S/B (W/B) lanes of Blows Ferry closed, No right turn/road closed signs from Scenic@ Blows Ferry. Cones down double yellow line from Scenic to Alta Vista Way

*ALTA VISTA WAY—right lane or N/B lane of Alta Vista Way closed. Cones down double yellow line from Blows Ferry to Noelton. (runners are running in right lane)

*NOELTON—right lane of Noelton (towards Kingston Pk closed from Alta Vista Way to Kingston Pike). Road closed and No right turns from Alta Vista Way onto Noelton. Cones on double yellow line from Alta Vista Way to Kingston Pk

*KINGSTON PK—right lane closed on W/B Kingston Pike from Noelton to Forest Park, lane closure signs and cones down white line from Noelton to Forest park.

*FOREST PARK—right lane N/B closed from Kingston Pk to Newcom. Cones down double yellow line from Kingston Pk to Newcom.

*NEWCOM—road closed both end from Forest Park to Lebanon

*LEBANON—Road-closed sign at Sutherland Ave, road signs at Chambliss and Lebanon (runners have both out and back on Lebanon. Track club or someone might want cones down center of Lebanon since runners are out and back.

*TYSON PARK—road closed signs at Kingston Pk entrance and road close sign inside Tyson Park @ 129 overhead, (just past the parking spaces for picnic area traveling from Concord towards Kingston Pk)

*CUMBERLAND AVE—right W/B curb lane of Cumberland Ave from 21st to Tyson Park needs to be closed with road closed signs and cones from 21st to Tyson Park.

*21st ST—close all of 21st St with needed signs and barricades at cross streets from Forest Ave to Cumberland Ave.

*FOREST AVE—close Forest from 17th St to 21st St with needed signs and barricades at cross streets. Continue closure from 17th east to 13th.

*HIGHLAND AVE—road close signs E/B lanes of Highland from 11th to 13th with cones down center of roadway (runners have the E/B lanes of Highland)

*11th ST.—N/B lanes of 11th St from Cumberland to WFP Dr. cones down double yellow line.

( Northbound lanes closed , runners will be using )

*WFP DR.—close WFP DR on the North end by Fort Kid (other end already closed)

*BROADWAY—right lane closed from WFP to Central Ave, cones and closure for the right N/B lane with cones on white line the entire distance.

*CENTRAL AVE—S/B right lane closed from Broadway to 3rd Ave. Cones from Broadway to 3rd with lane closure signs

*CENTRAL AVE—N/B right lane coned from 5th Ave to 4th Ave closed.

*** 5th AVE—West bound lane coned from Hall of Fame to Central. About 8 feet in width from curb line.

*MAGNOLIA AVE—Cones spread out along the W/B shoulder from Hall of Fame to Winona (runners on the shoulder behind cones)

*WINONA—N/B lanes closed from Magnolia to Washington Av., cones down yellow line with needed closure signs. NO CONES NEEDED IN FRONT OF PARK, RUNNERS WILL BE RUNNING THROUGH PARKING LOT

*WOODBINE—close both ends from Winona to Bertrand, Road Closed Local Traffic Only

* JEFFERSON—Close both ends from Winona to Bertrand, Road Closed Local Traffic Only

* WASHINGTON AVE—East bound parking lane coned from Winona to Bertrand. ( Runners will be running in parking lane behind cones.

*BERTRAND—From Washington Av to McCalla, cones down right side of S/B lane about 6 feet from curb.

*McCALLA AVE—close 6-8 foot from curb E/B lanes from Bertrand to Willow

*WILLOW—cones down W/B shoulder of Willow from McCalla to Patton

*PATTON—road closed signs both ends between Jackson and Willow (runners have entire road)

*JACKSON AVE—East Bound lane from Patton to Central cones approx 6-8 ft off curb to give runners a lane (runners in E/B lanes behind the cones).

*CENTRAL AVE—S/B lane from Jackson Ave to Cumberland at S. Central, lane closure signs and cones spaced out from Jackson to Cumberland.

*STATE ST—cones from Hill Ave to Cumberland approx 8 ft off the East curb in the right N/B lane (runners have a lane behind the cones)

*HILL AVE—closure signs and cones for E/B Hill Ave to JWP S/B entrance ramp. Cones spread out along Hill Ave on double yellow line. CLOSE road at Gay @ Hill E/B lane. NO RIGHT TURN from Volunteer Landing Dr to Hill Ave sign

*JWP—cones spread out along the emergency lane from Hill Ave to Sevier Ave on S/B emergency lane continuing around exit ramp to Sevier Ave.

*SEVIER AVE—right lane closed from JWP to Island Home Ave with cones continued approx 8 feet from curb on Sevier Ave.

*ISLAND HOME AVE—complete closure from Sevier to Maplewood. W/B traffic will force to detour onto Hillwood Dr. Need signs at cross roads along with cones down center yellow line to Maplewood from Sevier Ave. Also “road closed ahead” for W/B Island Home Ave at Hillwood Dr.

*SEVIER AVE—cones 6-8 ft from W/B curb to allow runners to use. From Island Home to Gay St. (Widen course as going up the hill in the S-curves before Gay St.) extend the cones around the corner with a 6 foot lane to taper onto the sidewalk of the Gay St bridge sidewalk

runners using east sidewalk across the bridge

*GAY ST.—from Hill Ave to Wall, pull all parking, if any, on N/B side of Gay St and close lane also space cones out along right lane.

*MARKET St—entire Market St from Union to Church closed with proper signs and barricades

*CHURCH ST—close and cone W/B right lane from Market to Locust

*CLINCH AVE—close and cone approx 6-8 feet from S/B curb of Clinch between Henley and Locust.


Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon & Kids Run
Clinch Ave Bridge will close March 31 at 2:00pm and reopen April 1 at 2:30pm

March 31, Kids Run:
Will start at the Clinch Ave. Bridge, west on Clinch, turn right onto World’s Fair Park Drive, left onto 11th St, across Cumberland Ave, where 11th becomes Estabrook Rd they will follow Estabrook toward Neyland Stadium.

Knoxville Marathon, race begins at 7:30am:
Clinch Ave. from 11th st to 16th street will be closed to traffic at the start of the race

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